About Sankalp Documentation Services

About Sankalp

Contact: +91-7350486753 | Email: vinaybhagat@hotmail.com

Sankalp is a multipurpose institution, which caters to the different needs of its clients.

  • Writing all types of documentation
  • Writing content
  • Creating websites
  • Creating digital content marketing material and strategies
  • Designing instructional material
  • Imparting corporate training on technical documentation and Web content writing
  • Imparting academic education

Vinay Bhagat – Senior Technical Writer and Web Content Writer

Vinay has more than 15 years of experience in Technical Writing. He also has 5 year of experience in Web content writing and instructional designing.

I have experience in writing technical articles, product brochures, and marketing collaterals for products of Hewlett-Packard (client).

Vinay has worked in the Telecommunications, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals,  Supply Chain Management, Insurance, Financial Services, Stock Markets, SAP, SOA, EAI, ERP; Cloud Computing, and many other technologies and domains.

Vinay has worked as a Documentation Manager, Senior Team Lead in the top IT MNC’s.

Vinay’s core expertise is in software product documentation (writing user manuals, installation manuals, programmers guide, API documentation, and other  manuals), online help, product marketing brochures, man pages (UNIX based help pages).

Vinay has completed B.A (Eng Lit.) with GNIIT – a three years Diploma in Software Systems Management from NIIT.

Prafulla Bhagat –  Web Content Manager

Prafulla has more than 9 years of experience in Website management – registering new domains for Websites,  hosting Websites, and managing Web content.

Technical Documentation

Sankalp Documentation Services (SDS) provides writing and editing services for various types of documentation:

  • Brochures: we create marketing collaterals that clearly communicate your unique solutions to your prospective clients. We create appealing brochures with eye-catching graphics that attract the attention of the clients and clearly explains the features of your product or service. They describe how you solve your clients’ problems.
  • White Papers: A white paper helps you to introduce your product or service when you launch a new product or service to your prospective clients. A white paper is a lengthy brochure that is written in a descriptive style.
    We write and edit white papers that describe the problems that your prospective clients must be facing, including the pain points. They also describe how your new product or service’s features will benefit the user, resolve their problems, and make their lives easier.
  • Articles: Posting an article on a Website, magazine, newspaper, journal, or industry newsletter is a good chance to get remarkable exposure to position your company as a specialist in your industry.   We research the topic, create an outline, and write the article. We also edit existing articles that are in draft or are almost completed.

We provide all types of documentation services such as writing User Guides, Installation Guides, Online Help, and all other types of documentation

No matter which documentation we write for you, we always start by finding your organization’s mission and vision.  Then, we study the target clients to completely be aware of their needs and their reasons for reaching out to you. We perform research to discover what other companies have published.  Then, we find out your marketing and distribution strategy, and, finally, we start writing the brochure, white paper, or article.

Documentation Services

We provide all types of documentation services to software, banking, financial, share markets, pharmaceutical, and all other industries:

We write and edit the following and all other types of documentation:

  • User guides
  • Installation and deployment guides
  • Online help
  • e-learning tutorials
  • Web content
  • White papers
  • Brochures